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The following links and resources are provided by Benedum Law for the benefit of individuals in Chestnut Hill and the surrounding Philadelphia areas seeking information about Pennsylvania personal injury law. If you have been injured by the negligence of another, call 215-LAWSUIT for a free consultation with Christine Benedum, the owner of Benedum Law.

In addition to obtaining a driver’s license and registering your vehicle at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, you can also obtain proof of insurance, print out a copy of your driver history, or download manuals for drivers, commercial drivers and motorcycle operators. Find resources here on driver safety and crash information as well. You can also access the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code here, as well as Pennsylvania laws on bicycle safety and vehicle insurance FAQs.

Report concerns on road conditions, from potholes to a dead deer, at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. PennDOT is responsible for maintaining working signs and signals, safe speed limits and construction zones on Pennsylvania roads and highways.  You may also want to consider participating in the Yellow Dot program to help first responders help you in the event you are ever seriously injured in a Pennsylvania car accident.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts research on driver safety and seeks to foster a culture of safety through education and awareness about drowsy driving, distracted driving and special areas of concern for teen drivers and senior drivers. is the federal government’s website devoted to raising awareness of the dangers of texting while driving and other dangerous distracted driving behaviors. is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, which sets standards and provides information about seat belts, airbags, vehicle recalls, risky driving behaviors and other essential elements of road safety.

If you are not sure whether the insurance company’s offer truly reflects the value of your car, the Kelley Blue Book can serve as a trusted source of objective information.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets out regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies, including maximum hours of service for truckers and vehicle inspection requirements for 18-wheelers and other big rigs. Understanding these regulations is important after a serious truck accident, because truck drivers and their employers are frequently out of compliance with important safety rules, and they may even falsify their records and logs to make them look compliant when they really weren’t.

Another helpful resource after a Pennsylvania trucking accident is the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System.  Here you can review the accident history of a truck or trucking company, which can help you build your case for a fair settlement or jury verdict.

The American Motorcyclist Association is a good resource for safe riding tips.  You can also find a quick summary of Pennsylvania motorcycle laws here as well.  Another helpful resource to prevent serious motorcycle accidents through rider training courses and safety awareness is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Assuring a safe and healthy work environment is the mission of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA provides safety training courses and sets standards for safety in the workplace. Concerned employees can request an investigation by filing a safety and health complaint, while company owners can request a no-cost, confidential consultation about potential hazards at the jobsite.  At the website, you can learn about workplace hazards, chemical exposure, occupational disease, and safety tips to prevent construction accidents or other workplace injuries.

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