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With major U.S. interstates and busy ports, Pennsylvania is home to a great deal of commercial trucking activity throughout the year. Unfortunately for some, the high volume of truck traffic increases the likelihood of serious truck accidents and the devastating effects these crashes have on the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles who are unlucky enough to be struck by a negligent truck driver. From our offices in Chestnut Hill, Benedum Law provides strong, smart and aggressive representation in Philadelphia truck accidents, helping accident victims get the care and compensation they need after being hurt by another’s negligence or distracted driving. Contact a truck accident lawyer today.

Thousands of truck crashes, some fatal, occur in Pennsylvania due to negligent driving, improper maintenance

In 2017, there were 6,807 crashes involving tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks, including 145 fatal crashes. Over half of these accidents occurred on state highways, and 28% happened on interstates, with the rest of the big rig crashes occurring on turnpikes and local roads.

Much of the blame for truck accidents is placed on the truck driver, who may be driving longer than is safe or allowed by the federal rules regulating the maximum hours of service for truck drivers. When truckers spend too much time behind the wheel without sufficient rest breaks and time off to sleep, they risk drowsy driving, driver fatigue and even falling asleep at the wheel. Fatigued or drowsy driving causes lack of attention to the road, decreased alertness and reaction time, judgment errors, overcorrection and other behaviors that lead to serious accidents.

The condition of commercial trucking fleets themselves is another major contributor to 18-wheeler crashes. Pennsylvania truck accident reports attribute a large number of truck accidents to the following:

  • Worn out tires and damaged wheels
  • Bad or missing brake components
  • Failure of the power train or steering system
  • Inoperative vehicle lighting
  • Poor suspension
  • Unsecure or overloaded trailer
  • Improper hitch or towing

Serious truck accidents require serious legal representation

Truck accidents are particularly disastrous to occupants in passenger vehicles involved in a collision with a semi-truck. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh 20 times as much as the average car, delivering deadly force on impact. Of all the fatal accidents involving commercial trucks in Pennsylvania in 2017, only 2.4% of the fatalities were occupants of the truck.

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers fight hard to keep accident victims from recovering all the compensation that is due to them after a truck accident. They’ll falsify records to avoid being caught out of compliance with safety laws, and they’ll put up strong defenses to claims of negligence and liability, or else try to settle quickly for a paltry amount. At Benedum Law, our experienced and successful accident attorneys know how to investigate the facts of a truck accident and understand how much you’ll need in compensation to deal with the damage done to you. With a passion for litigation and a reputation for success, we won’t let you get talked into an unreasonably low settlement or be forced to take less than your claim is worth. You can count on our office to go the extra mile in obtaining results that reflect the true value of your claim, so you can get the care you need while putting your life back together after a serious Philadelphia truck collision has left you struggling.

Contact Benedum Law after a Truck Accident in Pennsylvania

For strong, effective representation in Philadelphia truck crash cases, call the Chestnut Hill law office of Benedum Law at 215-LAWSUIT for a free consultation with an aggressive and successful Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

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